SFTP for Sublime Text


v2.0.0 1/13/23

  • New Features
    • Integration with various UI improvements in Sublime Text 4
      • Colors and icons in the quick panel
      • Annotations on the right-hand side of the quick panel
      • True password inputs with circles instead of asterisks
    • Support for sudo over SFTP via the sftp_sudo setting
    • Support for FTPS servers requiring SSL/TLS session reuse
    • Compatibility with macOS 13
    • Compatibility with Linux installs using OpenSSH 9
    • psftp.exe version 0.78 for SFTP connections on Windows

v1.16.0 9/18/22

  • Bug Fixes
    • Update bundled version of psftp.exe on Windows to be based on version 0.76, including:
      • SSH key fingerprints are now OpenSSL-style SHA-256
      • Added support for PPK3 private key format
      • Various security fixes
    • Fixed a bug with Sublime Text 4 and the JSON syntax definition
    • Improved output from SFTP panel to use colors from custom color schemes
  • Deprecations
    • This will be the final release supporting Sublime Text 2, and Sublime Text 3 builds older than 3143 (3.0)

v1.15.0 11/29/20

  • New Features
    • Update bundled version of psftp.exe on Windows to be based on version 0.74, including:
      • Support for elliptic-curve cryptography (the NIST curves and 25519)
      • Hardware-accelerated versions of common cryptographic primitives
      • Various security fixes
    • Quick panels used for Yes/No confirmation will be preserved when Sublime Text is not focused, or loses focus
    • Improved output from SFTP panel to use colors from custom color schemes
    • Settings and Key Bindings now use side-by-side editing mode
    • Added commands to enable/disable debug mode
    • Added commands to add and remove license key
  • Bug Fixes
    • Improved handling of file not found errors on some SFTP servers

v1.14.1 11/10/15

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with password prompt when using the SFTP protocol on Windows

v1.14.0 11/10/15

  • Bug Fixes
    • Improved handling of timeouts and reconnections using the SFTP protocol on OS X and Linux
    • A new version of psftp.exe is bundled for Windows users, using version 0.65 as a base, resolving incompatibility with newer version of OpenSSL servers. The executable is cryptographically signed.
    • The custom SSL module for Linux was replaced with Package Control SSL module dependency
    • Allow uploading an image while viewing its preview - previously unsupported due to bugs in the Sublime Text 3 API
    • Link to file server lost error now causes automatic reconnection instead of a disconnection
    • Fixed a bug with running the "Upload VCS Changed Files" command on ST3
    • Resolved an issue where it was not possible to upload files starting with a - over the SFTP protocol
    • Resolved warning: mnemonic b not found in menu caption SFTP/FTP
    • Improved handling of encoding errors in some situations
    • Now handles more 5xx FTP error codes
    • Resolved an occasional Folder Not Found error when using the SFTP protocol
    • Added handling of situations where the local directory is deleted out from under an open connection
    • "Map to Remote" context menu now works properly from an editor pane
    • Fixed a bug dealing with parsing dates from before 1970

v1.13.2 2/7/14

  • Bug Fixes
    • Updated the bundled SSL module for Sublime Text 3 on x64 Linux installs so that is does not require SSLv2 in libssl. Fixes compatibility with Ubuntu 13.10 x64.
    • Fixed a bug where users would get an error popup when opening some files.
    • Resolved an issue in Sublime Text 3 where printing the remote file listing when it could not be parsed would result in an error.

v1.13.0/1 1/24/14

  • New Features
    • Added an explicit setting allow_config_upload that must be set to true in order to upload any SFTP configuration file (primary or alternate). Previously this was handled by the default ignore_regex and ignore_regexes settings, however some users were deleting the ignore settings and then accidentally uploading their configurations to their web servers.
    • Non-routable private IP responses from FTP servers when in passive mode are now rewritten to use the original public hostname. The setting ftp_obey_passive_host was added to allow for (the very rare) situations where you want this to happen.
    • Added relative file path support for the ssh_key_file setting
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug causing repeated The package was just upgraded error messages
    • Resolved an issue where uploading a file when the setting confirm_overwrite_newer was set to true and the file did not yet exist on the server would cause the upload to fail
    • Fixed VCS Changed Files command to work with Sublime Text 3
    • Fixed FTPS support for IIS's by implementing support for its non-standard connection reuse
    • Fixed a bug where files were still being synced when sync_same_age setting was set to false
    • Fixed a bug to handle situations where a monitored file is deleted from disk before it is closed in Sublime Text
    • Added detection of multiple FTP error codes/messages in the 5xx range
    • Changed the ignore_regexes setting to be set to the default if not present in your sftp-config.json file.
    • Added slashes to the ignore patterns for SVN, Git and Hg hidden folders
    • Added detection of servers that don't allow active FTP connections
    • Added detection of IIS servers that do not allow FTPS connections
    • Fixed a bug when no color scheme is set in Sublime Text
    • Added detection and help message for the broken 2pdf package that messes up Pythons encoding support
    • Fixed a bug where the debug log would sometimes write stray single quotes
    • Added a check for alerting the user when their FTP server requires SSL session reuse (which is not currently supported)
    • Fixed a bug with changing directories on z/OS FTP servers

v1.12.0 8/28/13

  • New Features
    • Added sync_same_age setting to allow ignoring files that are approximately the same age
    • Added verification that the correct version of the package is installed for the current OS. See https://packagecontrol.io/docs/syncing for more details.
    • Added help for handling SSH keys that have insecure permissions
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed FTPS support on Sublime Text 3
    • Fixed a bug with Diff Remote File
    • Fixed occasional bug with printing the debug log to a file
    • Added code to handle situations when the color_scheme setting is not set
    • Added handling of FTP 550 Requested action not taken errors

v1.11.2/3 8/12/13

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed another error checking license keys in Sublime Text 3

v1.11.1 8/11/13

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an error connecting to FTP servers with Sublime Text 2
    • Fixed a bug with checking license keys in Sublime Text 3

v1.11.0 8/9/13

  • New Features
    • Sublime Text 3 support
    • New help popup for encoding issues
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed cancelling an FTP connection to not hang Sublime Text
    • Added checks for when preserve_modification_times does not work with SFTP connections
    • Fixed bugs with OS errors and using extra_list_connections
    • Added check for Link to file server lost errors
    • Fixed a bug when a keepalive detects a disconnection
    • Fixed a bug right-clicking on file tabs when a group has no files in it
    • Added a check for servers that require FTPS connections
    • Added support for directory listings that have no date
    • Added another passive mode error check
    • Fixed a permission error when creating a folder while uploading a file
    • Added a check for blank server configs
    • Added error checking to ignore_regex and ignore_regexes settings
    • Added detection of invalid hide_output_panel setting values
    • Added extra checks for not found errors while trying to list the initial dir
    • Added a check to prevent a file from being uploaded multiple times when there are multiple views into the file open
    • Fixed a bug with occasional Quick panel not available errors

v1.10.2 8/8/12

v1.10.1 8/8/12

v1.10.0 8/8/12

  • New Features
    • Added the extra_list_connections setting which allows spawning multiple connections to the server for vastly improved performance when determining files to be synced.

      This setting is set to the number of additional connections to open, and is ONLY used for the list operation that is perfomed when determining what files should be synced.

    • The Chmod operation is now available for files and folders when browsing a remote
    • Added the keepalive setting for users who experience frequent disconnects.

      This will send a command to the server every specified number of seconds in an effort to keep the connection open.

    • File ignoring is now slightly simpler – the ignore_regex setting has been deprecated, and replaced with ignore_regexes, which is a list of smaller regular expressions. This should make adding file and folder paths easier.
    • Sync commands now perform file operations in a specific order for users that perform deployments via sync:

      1. Upload/download new files
      2. Upload/download existing files
      3. Remove old files
    • Added a new version of psftp.exe on Windows that supports the -s flag via sftp_flags to allow a custom subsystem to be specified
    • Changed SFTP connections on Mac and Linux to use compression by default for better performance
    • The ignore regex patterns are now checked against both Linux/Mac and Windows style file and folder paths so users may more easily write ignore rules that must work across different operating systems
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added multiple new file listing formats, including support for IIS FTP v7.5 and IIS servers that respond with four digit years
    • Tweaked the delay of performing the sync_down_on_open feature on Mac in order to ensure that it happens. Also added a new editor-wide setting called osx_sync_down_on_open_delay that allows tweaking the delay for users still experiencing issues.
    • Fixed an issue where in specific situations the root folder of a sync would be listed twice when using the FTP protocol
    • Added error handling for encoding errors
    • Fixed an issue on Mac where an sftp-config.json file in a folder with a non-ASCII character would cause mapping to be broken, and the remote path to be the same as the local path
    • Added error handling for errors when checking symlinks on certain FTP servers
    • Added trapping for multiple errors related to re-opening Sublime with a remote file after the local operating system and wiped the temp directory
    • Added checks for remote files that were opened on a copy of Sublime Text that has been synced between two different machines (such as via Dropbox) where temp folders are incompatible (e.g. Windows vs Linux/Mac)
    • Fixed a bug with NotFoundErrors when trying to reset the local working directory after a remote operation
    • Fixed an error with downloading a symlinked file when preserve_modiciation_times is set to true
    • Added another FTP passive mode error handler condition
    • Resolved a working directory (pwd) error caused by the Tornado-vxWorks fix from v1.9.7
    • Added a check for disk full messages
    • Added support for a new (previously unreported) FTP password prompt
    • The sftp_flags setting now accepts a list by default instead of a string

v1.9.6 5/22/12

  • Enhancements
    • Added a delay to file uploads when monitoring a file to prevent uploading the old contents
    • Added support for another variation of remote file lists
    • Added support for implicit FTPS servers (on port 990) that do not accept the PBSZ or PROT C commands
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added detection of more ProFTPD error messages
    • Fixed symlink detection for ProFTPD
    • Added handling of code 221 idle timeout messages
    • Fixed some bugs with handling removing temp folders on Windows
    • Added custom handling of non-standard pwd respond from Tornado-vxWorks FTP servers
    • Fixed symlink detection when communicating with FtpBridge servers
    • Corrected disconnect errors that may be caused by PASV mode misconfiguration
    • Added a check for no local working directory when dealing with SFTP connections

v1.9.5 4/3/12

  • Enhancements
    • The licensing reminder has been re-worded and now uses the Buy/Cancel dialog for users running Sublime b2190 or newer
    • Added the ability to set sync_down_on_open setting on server configs
    • Added the ability to re-download a file that is open from a server
    • Added the delete_temp_diff_folder package setting
    • Added /venv/ to the default ignore list
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that would occur when trying to list the contents of a remote folder that has been deleted
    • Changed a listener to use a thread, which should prevent notices about the package taking to long on some slower machines
    • Added an error check for when the OS wipes a temp file for an open server file, and the original config can not be reloaded
    • Added some checks to try and identify PASV mode issues for FTP connections
    • Added checks for windows drive letters in remote paths
    • Fixed possible bugs with server configs by adding key checks
    • Corrected a bug that would arrise when setting remote_time_offset_in_hours to a string instead of an integer
    • Fixed a bug with detecting symlinks that contain non-ASCII characters

v1.9.4 3/14/12

v1.9.3 3/14/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Changed FTPS connections to not try and abort connections due to the lack of out-of-band message support
    • Corrected Edit Remote Mapping… to work via the editor context menu and the command palette
    • Fixed a couple of bugs with detecting symlinks on FTP connections
    • Fixed the output panel to properly hide when confirm_overwrite_newer is set to true
    • Symlinks are now traversed when performing folder download operations
    • Added detection of more FTP passive mode errors
    • Updated Rename Local and Remote Files to rename open buffers (Sublime Text 2 b2178 or newer)
    • Added confirmation to Delete Local and Remote Files command
    • Added more error message patterns to FTP error handlers

v1.9.2 3/05/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with parsing some remote folder listings
    • Fixed a concurrency bug when multiple windows were connected to the same server
    • Added detection of some alternate errors messages
    • Added Window drive letter support for remote_path
    • Symlinks are now traversed when performing sync operations

v1.9.1 2/27/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed FTPS connections
    • Added remote folder parsing for servers that use month numbers instead of names
    • Fixed a bug were the new Switch Remote Config… menu options would not be shown if the config was stored in the old-style sftp-settings.json file name

v1.9.0 2/27/12

  • New Features
    • Added support for multiple remote configurations and switching them

      New menu items were added to the side bar and editor context menus and the command palette to Add Alternate Remote Mapping… and Switch Remote Mapping…

      This functionality is intended for users who need to upload from the same local folder to multiple remote environments. It is not possible, however, to upload to multiple environments simultaneously - the remote mapping must be switched and the files/folders uploaded to each in turn.

    • Added the Delete Local and Remote Files and Delete Local and Remote Folders menu entries to the side bar and editor context menus and the command palette
    • Added confirm_downloads option to sftp-config.json files
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the sync_down_on_open setting to obey the ignore_regex setting
    • Fixed a bug with FTP disconnections sometimes causing crashes on Mac
    • Added the cs_CZ2 remote_locale for servers using slightly different Czech month name abbreviations
    • Fixed handling of files and folder names that consist only of a space, or that end with a space
    • Corrected a bug where a connection error while performing a sync would causes an error popup
    • Removed some debugging information that was being printed to the console when connecting to MS FTP servers
    • Fixed FTPS connections to fallback to cleartext mode for data transfers when the remote server rejects the encrypted mode command

v1.8.5 2/21/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • The remote_locale setting is now powered by the file Packages/SFTP/lang/months.json, which contains month name abbreviations for different locales. This overcomes issues where Windows does not contain the necesarry information for some locales.
    • Fixed multiple bugs related to parsing remote folder listings.
    • Fixed an occassional error related to the password prompt timeout
    • SFTP plugin directories with non-ASCII components now work properly on Windows
    • Fixed the sync_down_on_open setting to properly refresh the file once it is downloaded
    • Corrected an issue with ignore_regex not applying recursively on remote paths
    • Fixed some encoding issues with SFTP connections on Windows
    • Changed sync_down_on_open overwrite prompts to happen sequentially to prevent errors related to the quick panel being unavailable
    • Added code to re-download open files that are being edited on a server if the local copy is deleted, such as when Mac reboots
    • Fixed a permission denied popup error when trying to determine if a symlink is a file or folder
    • Fixed another file in use error on Windows when editing a file off of a server
    • Corrected the Upload Changed Files command to properly find all new files inside of new folders
    • Fixed Folder Not Found errors when the local folder is a UNC root (\\server\share) on Windows

v1.8.4 2/11/12

  • New Features
    • Added better syntax highlighting of the output panel when using a color scheme that is not included with Sublime Text
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with automatically determining modification times of files when the client and server are in different timezones
    • Corrected issues with the remote_time_offset_in_hours setting that were causing remote times to be interpreted incorrectly
    • Resolved bugs on Windows with deleting temp files after browsing a mapped local folder or a server
    • Changed the Upload VCS Changed Files command to look on the system PATH for git, hg and svn instead of just on specific hard-coded paths
    • Fixed bugs with parsing remote folder listings, including European date formats and times without leading zeros
    • Added a slight delay to config file creation to try and prevent a hang on certain Windows machines
    • Added specific checks for errors when parsing remote folder listings and dates
    • Fixed an error that would pop up when a connection timeout occurred while waiting at a password prompt
    • Added a fallback to fix intermittent issues with the output panel not hiding when Sublime Text does not properly return the hide_output_panel value

v1.8.3 1/31/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with downloading a file when no files are open in the editor
    • Fixed a bug with uploading a file by using the tab context menu when the editor is in a multi-column layout and no file is open in one of the columns

v1.8.2 1/30/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with non-ASCII usernames and password for FTP connections
    • Fixed a bug when Sublime is installed in a path containing non-ASCII characters
    • Fixed a but with sync operations that would cause a popup error

v1.8.1 1/30/12

  • New Features
    • Added support for VShell SFTP servers
    • Added handling for remote symlinks
    • Added the ability to manually enter the remote folder to browse to by selecting the first entry in the server quick panel. This first entry looks like example.com:/path/to/dir.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that would occur when a window is closed during an upload, but the program remains open
    • Fixed a bug when re-opening Sublime with multiple remote files open that would cause an error popup
    • Fixed handling of remote files that are cloned
    • Fixed bugs that could occur when closing a remote file in the middle of the sync down operation that occurs when re-opening Sublime with remote files open
    • Fixed deletion of temporary folder created when browsing servers
    • Added code to prevent error popups when SFTP upgrades in the middle of SFTP operations taking place

v1.8.0 1/22/12

  • New Features
    • Added FTPS support

      Sublime Text does not include SSL support for Linux builds due to the different versions of OpenSSL. Linux users may enable experimental ftps support by opening Preferences Package Settings SFTP Settings - User and setting linux_enable_ssl to true.

      Once Sublime Text is restarted, SFTP will attempt to load one of several pre-compiled _ssl modules. The console will contain debug information. If for some reason Sublime is unstable with this enabled, please set linux_enable_ssl to false and create a request for help in compiling a custom _ssl.so for Python 2.6.6.

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the SFTP/FTP Map to Remote… menu entry in the editor context menu
    • Fixed parsing of directory listings with users or group names containing a space character
    • Improved compatibility with Filezilla Server

v1.7.8 1/18/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a module reloading bug that was causing error popups for some users

v1.7.7 1/17/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Added some low-level socket read operations to try and fix FTP idle timeout crashes on Mac once and for all
    • Fixed errors chmodding and preserving file modification times when using FTP and non-ASCII filenames
    • Fixed a bug where starting a second browsing session to the same server before finishing the connection would cause progress dots to print forever, using massive amounts of memory
    • Fixed a bug in the output panel that could cause error popups to be shown every couple of seconds

v1.7.6 1/14/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with the ssh_key_file setting on Linux and Mac
    • Fixed various errors that would pop up after upgrading SFTP
    • Added a check to ensure that the remote_path setting is always absolute to prevent errors

v1.7.5 1/12/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with parsing dates around the unix epoch on Windows machines
    • Fixed a bug with SFTP on windows where setting file permissions would cause the connection to go out of sync and throw random errors
    • Added a check to make sure remote_path is not empty
    • Fixed a bug with editing a remote file that would cause it to be synced down when first focused
    • Fixed a bug with editing a the version of a file on a server when browsing on a Remote

v1.7.4 1/11/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where the new sync_skip_deletes setting would show up when creating servers

v1.7.3 1/10/12

  • New Features
    • Added sync_skip_deletes setting that will prevent the Sync Up and Sync Down commands from looking for files to delete.
    • Added the sftp_last_server command that will re-open the last viewed server file list.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Worked around a Sublime bug where having a third-party Python module that contains an __init__.py in the system Python path would cause all of the menu items to be shown, but disabled
    • Fixed the server workflow to not reset the directory each time the server file list is opened
    • Fixed Diff Remote File to properly handle files without newlines on the last lines
    • Fixed FTP connections to properly classify a socket timeout as a Disconnection
    • Added *.sublime-project and *.sublime-workspace to the default ignore_regex
    • Fixed handling of editing remote files to ensure the latest version of a file is downloaded when restarting Sublime

v1.7.2 1/9/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs with the Sync Both command
    • Fixed setting a custom remote_locale and added error checking for custom locales
    • Tweaked the error message to display in the foreground when a required setting is missing from the config
    • Fixed a bug that would occur when the hide_output_panel setting was set to a string that contained a number, as opposed to the number itself

v1.7.1 1/8/12

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug detecting the remote_path setting being missing
    • Fixed a bug pasting passwords into the password prompt

v1.7.0 1/7/12

  • Backwards Compatibility Breaks
    • Newly created remote configs will be called sftp-config.json instead of sftp-settings.json. You may need to update your VCS ignore settings. Existing sftp-settings.json files will continue to function.
    • The sftp_remotes folder in the Packages/User/ folder has been renamed to sftp_servers. You may need to update your VCS ignore settings.
    • The following commands were renamed:
      sftp_browse_remote -> sftp_browse_server
      sftp_edit_remote   -> sftp_edit_server
      sftp_delete_remote -> sftp_delete_server
      Custom key bindings may need to be updated.
  • New Features
    • Added sync_down_on_open setting that will prompt to download the remote version of a file when opening a file, if the remote version is newer.
    • Added confirm_overwrite_newer setting that will prompt if the file being uploaded is older than the file on the server. This only affects single file uploads and causes uploads to be a little slower since a remote file listing is required on each upload.
    • Added Monitor File command that will periodically check file modification time and upload the file if it changes. This is intended to work with programs such as LiveReload and CSS compilers that will modify a file externally to Sublime. Frequency of checks can be controlled via SFTP settings.
    • Added preserve_modification_times setting to preserve the modification time of files when uploading and downloading. This does not work on all servers. The plugin will notify if a server is incompatible. Can be set to "download_only" if remote/server does not support it.
    • Added password prompting with asterisk password hiding, eliminating the requirement of saving passwords
    • Added context menu entry to delete the remote version of a file
    • Added context menu entry to rename the local and remote versions of a file
    • Default remote/server configuration can now be edited by copying the file Packages/SFTP/SFTP.default-config to Packages/User/ and customizing
    • Restructured the menus to have a single entry labelled SFTP/FTP in the file menu, side bar content menu and editor context menu
    • Changed Windows to use Sublime Text interface for SSH key passphrase entry instead of Pageant
    • Improved performance of reconnecting after a disconnect when the remote_time_offset_in_hours setting is not set
    • Added uncaught exception handling to help debugging unreported errors
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added checks for required configuration information to prevent silent failures
    • Fixed a bug with deleting remote folders that would cause a not found error
    • Added a missing Upload Folder entry to the side bar context menu
    • Now properly parses MS FTP server file listings that include file names with spaces
    • Fixed a crash on some Mac machines when using upload_on_save or editing remote files
    • Changed passphrase prompting on Windows to not disappear after one second
    • Activity indicator in status area is properly cleared after uploading a file via its preview
    • Fixed sync commands to function properly when syncing a single file and perform only a single file listing when syncing a single file
    • Fixed a bug with sync operations disconnecting while listing local files for SFTP remote with short idle timeout and many local folders
    • Updated plugin to ignore .DS_Store, desktop.ini and Thumbs.db files in the Packages/User/sftp_servers folder to prevent parsing errors

v1.6.2 12/7/11

  • Bug Fixes
    • Rewrote idle disconnection detection for both FTP and SFTP, fingers crossed!
    • Fixed FTP connections to list hidden files
    • Added support for z/OS FTP servers with non-standard directory separators

v1.6.1 12/5/11

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed some more idle timeout issues

v1.6.0 12/3/11

  • New Features
    • Added remote browsing functionality – see File menu for standalone browsing, or use the context menus for existing local projects
    • Remote folders matching ignore_regex are ignored when listing files for download or sync, increasing performance
  • Bug Fixes
    • More idle timeout fixes for FTP
    • Fixed download of 0-byte files via FTP

v1.5.4 11/28/11

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with deleting the temp file used to detect the remote time offset (SFTP on Windows)
    • Fixed a bug with remote time offset detection popping up a permission error when the remote root is not writable
    • Fixed a unicode bug on Windows when an unknown error occurs while connecting via SFTP and the user is using a non-English localized copy of Windows

v1.5.3 11/28/11

  • Bug Fixes
    • More connection errors are now classified as diconnections to help prevent timeout crashes on Mac with Windows servers
    • Updated time offset detection code to delete local temp file
    • Changed default connect_timeout to 30 to deal with really laggy connections (e.g. shared hosting)

v1.5.2 11/26/11

  • Bug Fixes
    • Sync commands now properly obey ignore_regex setting

v1.5.1 11/25/11

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug with editor context menu
    • Fixed save_before_upload default setting back to true

v1.5.0 11/25/11

  • Backwards Compatibility Breaks
  • New Features
    • Added sync functionality – see side bar and context menus
    • Rewrote FTP backend to be faster and use one connection instead of two
    • Changed initial remote configuration into a snippet, allowing for navigation between settings via the tab key
    • Added timestamps to debug messages
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed handling of idle timeouts for FTP on all platforms and SFTP on Windows
    • Fixed crash related to FTP timeouts with Microsoft server on Mac clients
    • Fixed display of connection timeouts for Windows SFTP connections
    • Fixed a bug with Save All not uploading all documents when upload_on_save is set to true

v1.4.5 11/10/11

  • Bug Fixes
    • Stopped calling the progress command when connecting to an SFTP server on a Windows machine
    • Fixed an occassional bug with writing to the output panel
    • Fixed a bug with detecting missing local folders on non-English Windows installs
    • Fixed the evaluation popup to not appear immediately when the first operation performed is downloading a folder

v1.4.4 11/9/11

  • New Features
    • Added support for local UNC paths on Windows
    • Added initial directory listing output when remote directory validation fails
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added checks for PASV mode failures with help messaging
    • Fixed the ftp_passive_mode setting to work when set to false
    • Fixed debug and error output on certain FTP failures

v1.4.3 11/5/11

  • New Features
    • Added support for non-ASCII file paths
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed multiple popups when running in trial mode and downloading a large folder
    • Added sftp-settings.json JSON file format error detection
    • Fixed a bug where downloading a folder would skip the last file

v1.4.2 10/27/11

  • New Features
    • Added ability to download a whole folder
    • Added upload_on_save setting when configuring a remote
    • Added ability to upload all open files
    • Added a new debug level – 2
    • The bundled copy of SVN for Windows was upgraded to v1.7.0
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added explicit checks for SSH host key changes and coaching text on how to solve them
    • Fixed a crash on Mac when trying to reconnect to an FTP server
    • Fixed a bug on Mac where reconnections to SFTP servers would never complete
    • Fixed a bug that would occur when a session to a Microsoft FTP server goes away
    • Fixed the Upload File context menu in the sidebar to work with multiple files.

v1.4.1 10/20/11

  • New Features
    • Added ability to log debug messages to a file
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed handling of permission errors on Microsoft FTP servers
    • Fixed uploading to an FTP remote located at the root folder
    • Changed threading timeouts to help prevent an edge-case crash on Mac
    • Fixed debug setting to work when no license has been entered

v1.4.0 10/17/11

  • New Features
    • Added FTP protocol support
    • Updated the plugin to automatically retry operations when a disconnection occurs
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed handling of diffs on Windows for files not in the root of the remote
    • Made SFTP remote folder list parsing more robust when Sublime is run on a machine with a different locale than the server
    • Fixed issue with connecting to an SFTP server for the first time on Windows

v1.3.0 10/11/11

  • Backwards Compatibility Breaks
    • Changed Mac key bindings to use control+ instead of alt+
    • The commands sftp_file and sftp_file_context were merged into a new command sftp_upload_file. Custom key bindings will need to be updated to reference this new command name.
  • New Features
    • Added the ability to download individual files
    • Added the ability to diff a file with the remote version
      • Diffs are generated and viewed in Sublime Text 2 by default, but the diff_command setting may be used for an external diff viewer
    • Ignores .DS_Store, Thumbs.db, sftp-settings.json and desktop.ini by default
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added support for SSH keys with passphrases on Windows when the key file is specified via the ssh_key_file setting
    • Improved Cancel command to work consistently, even if triggered in between two files being uploaded during a directory upload
    • Fixed a number of small errors that showed on the console

v1.2.1 9/9/11

  • Added support for uploading a file when previewing via the Goto panel
  • Fixed a bug with the port being ignored on Mac and Linux
  • Fixed the output panel to not incorrectly hide between two successive folder uploads
  • Fixed other minor (non-functional) bugs

v1.2.0 8/30/11

  • Added multiple window support
  • Fixed a bug with successful connections sometimes not uploading files
  • Fixed a bug with password-based logins on some machines

v1.1.0 8/29/11

  • Added the hide_output_panel setting
  • Tweaked the licensing reminder to show every ten actions instead of every 15 file uploads, to avoid multiple messages when uploading folders

v1.0.7 8/22/11

  • Fixed uploading of folders via the sidebar

v1.0.6 8/16/11

  • Initial public release