SFTP for Sublime Text


Version 2 of the SFTP package was released on January 13, 2023. Primary features include:

  • Integration with various UI improvements in Sublime Text 4
    • Colors and icons in the quick panel
    • Annotations on the right-hand side of the quick panel
    • True password inputs with circles instead of asterisks
  • Support for sudo over SFTP via the sftp_sudo setting
  • Support for FTPS servers requiring SSL/TLS session reuse
  • Compatibility with macOS 13
  • Compatibility with Linux installs using OpenSSH 9
  • psftp.exe version 0.78 for SFTP connections on Windows

Beyond the features listed above, continued maintenance releases are part of the license cost. SFTP v1 received updates for 11 years!

Your Licenses

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Eligible Licenses

Licenses purchased:

  • Since March 13, 2022 are already valid v2 license keys
  • Since the release of Sublime Text 4 on May 21, 2021 have been automatically upgraded - see My Account
  • Before May 21, 2021 may be upgraded from v1 to v2 for $15


Who will need to purchase an upgrade license?

All users who purchased a license before May 21, 2021 will need to purchase an upgrade license for the SFTP package.

The license policy normally only provides a free upgrade to v2 for users who purchased a license in the year before release. This has been extended to cover anyone who purchased a license after the release of Sublime Text 4.

How much will the upgrade cost?

The price for upgrading a license is $15. This is regardless of when the SFTP v1 license was purchased. As mentioned above, users who purchased v1 after May 21, 2021 will have already received a free upgrade.

What if I don't want to upgrade?

SFTP version 1.16, released in September 2022 will continue to be available for download and use. However, it will receive no more updates, even for security issues. Please see Legacy Releases.