SVN for Sublime Text



SVN for Sublime Text currently supports almost every Subversion command. Commands like Branch, Merge and Resolve prompt with relevant information to allow the user to interactively choose the correct action without having to mspanorize previous actions, or the current state of the working copy.

Applicable commands can be run on the current file, folder or the whole working copy. The Diff command allows specifying custom revisions, all commands can be re-run after editing parameters and custom commands can be run at any time.

  • Add
  • Blame
  • Branch
  • Changelist
  • Checkout
  • Commit
  • Copy
  • Delete
  • Diff
  • Ignore/Unignore
  • Info
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Log
  • Merge
  • Move
  • Properties: List/Add/Edit/Delete
  • Relocate
  • Resolve
  • Revert
  • Status
  • Switch
  • Update
  • Upgrade

The following commands are not implemented: Export, Cat, Import, List and Patch (1.7+ only).


  • Works with Subversion 1.6+
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Supports http://, https://, svn:// and svn+ssh:// repositories on all platforms
  • Provides custom SSH settings for svn+ssh:// repositories
  • Supports custom external diff tools
  • Handles standard trunk/branches configurations, and those with multiple projects per repo


  • Menu entries and command palette controls
  • Syntax highlighting of all output
  • Secure password entry


  • Runs commands in the background