SVN for Sublime Text


There are a handful of settings available for SVN, and they can be changed by clicking on the Preferences Package Settings SVN menu and selecting Settings – Default. Customized settings should be saved to Settings – User to prevent them from being overridden during an upgrade.

The SSH connection options for svn+ssh working copies. The "*" key is set as the default, with all other keys being the folder path to a working copy root. Valid subkeys include "username" and "ssh_key". On Mac and Linux the ssh binary on your machine is used in combination with any running ssh-agent. On Windows, plink.exe (part of PuTTY) is included, and can be used with Pageant for a key agent. Thus, on Windows, SSH keys need to be stored in the .ppk format using PuTTYgen. If no key agent is being used, the full file path to an SSH key can be specified via the "ssh_key" subkey. See the menu item Preferences Package Settings SVN Settings – Default for examples.
Default: {}
The number of log entries to show when running SVN: Log.
Default: 20
The default URL to pre-fill when running SVN: Checkout. If not specified, the last checkout URL will be used.
Default: false
The default local path to pre-fill when running SVN: Checkout. If not specified, the last checkout folder will be used. The default is the OS-specific Desktop folder.
Default: OS-specific Desktop folder
Hides infrequently used commands from the command palette to reduce noise. Valid options include "properties", "locking", "changelists".
Default: ["locking", "changelists"]
Hides unversioned files from the commit dialog.
Default: false
A list containing the path to an external diff program, combined with the the necessary command line arguments. If no diff_command is provided, the diff functionality built into Sublime Text will be used.
Default: []
The number of minutes between checking the remote Subversion repository for new revisions. Setting this value to 0 will disable this functionality.
Default: 2
Adds debugging output to the Sublime Text console. This can be useful when experiencing trouble connecting to a server. Setting this to true will log license information and commands being sent back and forth. Setting this to 2 will add debugging about internal operations that is useful for bug reports.
Default: false
A file to save debug messages to, instead of printing them to the console.
Default: ""
The absolute filesystem path to the svn (svn.exe on Windows) program. This should normally be automatically detected. svn.exe for Windows is bundled with the package.
Default: ""
For Sublime Text 2, it is not possible to detect the path to the sublime_text binary for use when checking out a new working copy. This setting should be set to the full filesystem path to either sublime_text on Linux or sublime_text.exe on Windows.
Default: null